During the joint final event, concepts for sensors and control systems will be shown in three vehicle demonstrators and with novel VRU dummy specimen. Moreover, a mobile driving simulator will be displayed where the interaction of the driver, system and VRU’s in critical situations in a real car environment occur. Results on a better understanding of accident data retrieved from naturalistic observation studies and different European databases, predicting VRU intended behaviour, novel Human Machine Interference (HMI) guidelines and benefit estimation methodologies with gained hands-on experience for newly developed intersection test cases will be explained during interactive demonstration.

Furthermore, because we have joined forces for this event with XCYCLE  and InDeV projects, you can switch to any of the other project anytime you want and talk to the researchers of all three projects.

Seats are limited, so do not hesitate too long! If you want to register, please go to www.vrusafetyevent.com/registration

For more information please check project websites: www.indev-project.eu, www.prospect-project.eu, www.xcycle-h2020.eu

Some Practical Information on the Final Event

Please find here some preliminary useful information about the final event. If you have any questions check the registration website (http://www.vrusafetyevent.com/home) or contact vrusafety2018@idiada.com.

– Date and place: The event will take place on the day after the International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC, 10/11 of October) at the IDIADA premises (website of the ICSC: https://icsc2018barcelona.congressus.es/)
– The event is a joint event of the three European projects InDeV, XCYCLE and PROSPECT.
– InDeV, PROSPECT and XCYCLE at ICSC: There will be a 1-hour special session at the ICSC on all 3 projects and a stand in the morning of both conference days. The special session is scheduled for Wednesday morning (10th of October, 10:00-11:00).
– How to get to IDIADA?
o IDIADA is about 70km in the South of Barcelona. IDIADA is not connected to public transport. So, you need to come by car or use one of the transfer busses that will be organized for the meeting.
o Transfer will be available from Sitges (Hotel Melia) and Barcelona (Placa Catalunya). Transfer from Barcelona takes longer (>1 hour) than from Sitges. Enough parking spaces will be available at IDIADA.
– Where to stay? It is your choice to stay anywhere you want, but we recommend staying in Barcelona for those who also visit the ICSC, which will take place in the city center. There are ICSC social events in the evenings. A list with recommended hotels (with reduced prices) will follow soon. Check the registration website.
– Schedule: The final event will start at 09:00 in the morning. The programme will end at 16:30. Busses leave after the programme ending to Barcelona and Sitges.