The PROSPECT partners have been intensively disseminating the project results obtained so far. For the whole presentations and publications, we invite you to check our website or to contact us directly!

  • 1st European Conference Results from road transport research in H2020 projects (Brussels, Belgium), 29–30 November 2017
  • EUCAR’s annual conference (Brussels, Belgium), 14–15 November 2017
  • ITS World Congress (Canada), 29 October–2 November 2017
  • The Road Safety and Simulation conference (The Netherlands), 17–19 October 2017
  • European Microwave Week (Germany), 8–13 October 2017
  • International Cycling Safety Conference in Davis (USA), 21–22 September 2017
  • The ADFD Symposium on Automated Driving, Future Mobility and Digitalization 2017 (Germany), 6–8 September 2017