Last 15th November 2017, the annual EUCAR’s conference, under the name of “Innovating Mobility: Pushing the boundaries of automotive R&D” took place in Brussels. During the conference, 240 key stakeholders in automotive research and innovation met. EUCAR (The European Council for automotive R&D) is an association for collaborative research among the major automobile manufacturers in Europe.

The welcome speech was given by Stefan Deix, EUCAR director and the event moderator Désirée Duray. The event continued with mister Urban Wass, Senior Vice President Research & Innovation Policy, Volvo Group and EUCAR Chairman, who talked about the current scene of innovating mobility. The day continued with dissemination talks, poster presentations and networking opportunities – all in all a very comprehensive and productive event.

From PROSPECT project, we had the opportunity and pleasure of presenting PROSPECT project achievements on Proactive Safety for Pedestrian and Cyclists. Moreover, the PROSPECT Advisory Board (including Richard Schramm, Euro NCAP Technical Manager) assisted the event to assess and guide the current development.

We have presented the following project exhibitions:

  • Audi Driving Simulator with PROSPECT experiments where we investigate the interaction of the driver, system and VRU’s in critical situations in a real car environment;
  • Daimler demo-car that addresses detection and tracking of VRU’s, intention-related feature extraction and extended warning concepts.

Also, some posters were presented by the PROSPECT team:

  • An overview poster and a video-clip with experimental results explaining Bosch innovations – high-resolution automotive radar for VRU detection and classification in complex environments.
  • PROSPECT general presentation with main objectives, innovations and current results.

From the PROSPECT team, we see the EUCAR Reception and conference as a great success and an exciting experience. We would also like to express our gratitude to the EUCAR organisers for the excellent preparation and the support shown for dissemination of our project results.

Photos of the EUCAR Reception and Conference 2017 could be found on the EUCAR website:

Daimler developer explaining intention prediction system for bicyclists developed under PROSPECT

 Director for Transport in DG RTD of the European Commission and EUCAR director visiting the PROSPECT exhibition